Friends of the Orchestra


I'll open with a thank you – if you came to this page, we probably managed to touch you somewhere, and it's actually already worth it all.

It is clear to all, on the basis of a simple calculation – that despite the great success and the full halls, an orchestra of the same size as ours – is not a financially viable business.

All the more so when alongside the marking of quality and excellence as the supreme values by which we operate – our commitment to being an example of proper and respectful financial conduct that puts the musician at the top of the list is added, along with the insistence on keeping our product prices (from concert tickets to digital products) at an equal level for every person, so that they remain available to anyone who wants to consume our music.

Over the years we have been rewarded and blessed with friends who wanted to join our journey on a more personal level. Therefore, in addition to the financial support, they also contributed to our development and success at the level of connections overseas, business collaborations and sometimes even simply with a good advice…

Does our music do anything to you?

Does our language speak to you?

Do you want to take part in the process of our success and becoming a unique global institution at the highest levels?

Do you want to become a part of the family?

We would love to hear about it, and think together about the best and most effective way. Contact the orchestra's director, Albert Ben Shloosh by email at or by phone at 0526189957

Thanks a lot in advance,


:Organizations, companies and individuals who support the orchestra regularly

Ministry of Culture and Sports State of Israel

Jerusalem Municipality

מיכל ויובל רכבי

Michal & Yuval Rakavy

כוורת - המרכז למוצרי בנין ובית בע"מ

Yoram Cohen